Dr. Stefan Rauber, Chiropractor

Member Chirosuisse (www.chirosuisse.info)
Member ECU (European Chiropractic Union)
Member ICAK-CH (International College of Applied Kinesiology)




Consultation and X-ray by appointment
(Cost covered under the terms of compulsory basic medical insurance) 


Languages spoken:  German, Italian, English, French

Opening hours

Monday Wednesday Thursday 7:30-12:0 13:30-18:00

Tuesday 07:30-12:00   13:00-16:30

Friday    07:30-12:00

Saturday Sunday     09:00 – 12:00 Emergency service only.  Please call 044 242 42 21


 Extraordinary opening timesfrom the 08th of October 2016 to the 16th of October 2016 the practice is closed

When suffering from chemical stress (e.g. poor nutrition/diet, environmental pollution, medicines), physical stress (e.g. poor posture, reduced mobility resulting from accidents, falls, whiplash injuries, childbirth) or a negative emotional state, our bodies react with symptoms of illness.
The chiropractic system investigates malfunctions which have arisen through physical causes.  By adjusting the pelvis or individual vertebrae, equilibrium can be restored to the muscles and nerve pathways.  Every patient is unique which means that there is no standard pathway to the resolution of symptoms and suffering…..
Therefore, several years of intensive training and experience is required in order to achieve an understanding of the body’s malfunctioning and the art of successfully performing the necessary adjustments to the vertebrae.