Influence of Chiropractic on the internal organs

Chiropractic treatment can have a positive influence upon ailments of internal organs.  This area is still not fully explored although some scientific studies to investigate the impact were performed some time ago– at least in the USA – and the results are published.  The influence of chiropractic treatment on premenstrual discomfort and childhood colic is relatively well documented.  In addition, more substantive evidence is now available to indicate that the pathological condition of the spine can be responsible for triggering events in the internal organs, or can at least point to a cause and the vice verse scenario:
…….pathological condition of the internal organs can be responsible for triggering events in the spine or can at least point to a cause.

Training Programme for Chiropractors in Switzerland (

Until 2008, at least a 1 year study of medicine at one of the Swiss universities was required, followed by 10 terms at one of the recognised institutes in the USA, Canada or England. In order to complete the training, the student was then required to undertake practical studies for 4 months in a Swiss hospital followed by a two year assignment as Assistant to a chiropractor in Switzerland and, in addition, to pass the radiation protection exam.  The final step was the State examination at the University clinic Balgrist (Zurich).  Only then was the student recognised as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  All in all, this took 8 – 9 years of training and education.  This comprehensive training regime remains current practice.

However, since autumn 2008 the University of Zurich Faculty of Medicine offers a course in Chiropractic. The course runs for 12 semesters and leads to a degree as Batchelor of Medicine (B Med), Master of Chiropractic (M Chiro) and finally to Doctor of Chiropractic (Dr. of Chiropractic).  The Swiss Academy for Chiropractic, accredited by the Ministry for Health and financed by Swiss chiropractors, is responsible for the further education of chiropractors.  The Academy has an obligation to set the exams leading to expert chiropractor.


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